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STAY AWAY from these 7 Highest Carb Foods if You Want to Lose the Pounds!

man with plate of fries with ketchup

Recently we gave you a list of carbohydrates that are actually good to have on your diet and people were pleased with that awesome information. But if you're trying to lose weight and keep sugar low in your diet, well, we've got to break the news to you. You see, there are foods we crave that we grew up on that we REALLY need to stay away from if losing and maintaining your weight is your goal. So, here's a list of 7 highest carb, highest sugar foods that we know you love, but you're going to have to avoid if you want to get trim. Sorry guys, but like they say, the truth will set you free.

Bagels – I love bagels with butter or cream cheese and jelly. But yeah, the bagel alone can be a much as 300 calories and 50 grams of carbs. Ouch.

bagel with cheese and jelly

Pancakes & Syrup – Incredibly tasty but jam packed with sugary massiveness. All of that white flour, sugar, butter and milk is a real recipe for putting on the pounds. Dang.

White Pasta – Just say no if you need to get thin. It's loaded with white flour and dense with the carbs that you just don't want. Oh man.

French Fries – Well, these golden thin slices of tastiness appear high on the list of the 7 Foods Scientifically Proven to Make You Gain Weight. You see it's the hot oil that the potatoes are fried in that soak into the food and ultimately put weight on your belly. Geez.

Yogurt with Fruit on the Bottom – Ok, 2% plain yogurt with slices of berries is good for you. But you do not want yogurt sold with fruit in the cup because it's just absolutely loaded with sugar making each cup super-high in carbohydrates. Wow.

White Bread – Yeah, you knew this, but we had to say it. We know it's so tasty, but refined white flour leads to weight gain. Whole grain bread is just a better option. Yeah.

Jelly – It's fruit, but fruit loaded with sugar and syrup. One little teaspoon can have as much as 12 grams of sugar along with 13 grams of carbs and even 50 calories. Like we said in just one little spoon. Ugh.

Now we know this might have been a tough read, but we guarantee if you cut these sugar beasts from your diet that it will help you lose the weight you want and get you towards the shape you need to be in! Yep!

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